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ScanLink may help

Nov 23, 2011 at 9:14 AM

Dear ParserIO developpers,

I am very happy that someone attacks this issue with an Open Source project.

I am working on this field since 1980 and we do technical support for this for some industries:

- JAIF: Automotive, EDIFICE: Electronics, CEFIC: Chemical, Steel, EHIBCC: Health Care

we are representative in: ISO, CEN, ANSI MH10.4

I am interested in good and standard-complient bar code structure interpretation.


What I may contribute:

- documentation (ISO/CEN/DIN/AIM/CEFIC/EDIFICE/JAIF/HIBC Standards).

- a demo version of our own software in this field (ScanLink) may help to find out how we solved some issues. You may go to for download or drop me an E-Mail to get one. If you have design questions, I may also help.

- Il me semble que les auteurs sont d'origine Francaise. Les courries électroniques en Francais sont aussi bienvenue. Ma langue maternelle est l'Allemand.

- We were also in the design comitee for the new german pharma code (PPN). The english document will come out this year. The german one was released this monday:

Best regards,


Nov 27, 2011 at 3:04 PM

I allowed me to add a link to this page on the german hibc page:

Feel free to send me an E-Mail if this is incorrect or unwanted.



Nov 29, 2011 at 4:59 PM

Hello Mr. Oehlmann,

I received your message through ParserIO’s CodePlex Forge. First, thanks about your interest on ParserIO project.

My name is Davide and I’m principal ParserIO developer.
I didn't know web site and with pleasure I surfed on it. I used to find standard and other useful information.

Sorry for my English mistakes. My native language is Italian and you are right, we are all based on French.
Aber Ich kann auf Deutch etwas screiben dass ich in Deutchland meine Studiumarbeit gemacht habe J. Ich bin schoen lang Zeit ohne Deutch sprechen und ich habe fast alles vergessen!

I’m interested to know people which are working in healthcare information system to improve traceability of medical device.
If you want more know about Phast, you can see his web site: You will find description in English.
I’m working since 2009 in this domain but I’m not really a specialist. I work with a lot of keenness, that’s all.

Tell me how we can share our experiences. Do you prefer e-mail and/or IM like MSN or Skype?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen